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We have all managed projects at one time or the other in our lives: going on a vacation, managing a social event! But managing a project formally in a corporate environment requires specialized skills. Studying for the PMP and CAPM certification exams teaches the various skills in the different knowledge areas and project management processes that are involved.

Obtaining these certifications not only teaches you the skills but makes you a more attractive candidate when companies are looking to hire project managers.
International Systems Consultants LLC can help you achieve these goals.

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The Importance of Project Management Certifications

International Systems currently offers two Project Management certification preparation courses: The PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) Obtaining these certifications is important for many reasons:

  • Firstly studying for the certification exam gives you a wealth of knowledge which you can use immediately in your first assignment in managing a project
  • In today's competitive world, you as a certified professional, stand out from the crowd and everyone recognizes the fact you have the necessary skill set
  • Today most, companies specify in their job ads for project managers, that a PMP or CAPM certification is required or desired
  • And above all, armed with the knowledge and skills that go with the certification you will have the confidence and ability to manage a project the best way possible.

Let International Systems prepare you for one of these certifications and set you on a path for success.